Project presentation

Starting with the 1st of July 2014, the Department of Educational Sciences from Babes-Bolyai University (Romania) began the research project entitled “Early Literacy in Roma Children from Romania: Predictors, Literacy Levels and Enhancement Strategies”, project funded by the program „Research within Priority Sectors” within the Financial Mechanism of SEE 2009-2014 and the state budget, contract no. contract 15 SEE/30.06.2014. The project is conducted in partnership with the Department of Educational Sciences from University of Oslo (Norway).

The project follows longitudinally for 2 years the evolution of the literacy skills of Roma children (bilingual and monolingual) as well as of non-Roma children (monolingual) coming from same communities in order to identify predictors and factors that contribute to the success of Roma children literacy. The project includes an intensive educational intervention program that aims to improve the development of literacy abilities of Roma and non-Roma children with the help of support teachers. This project also aims the development of the research capabilities and of the institutional collaboration between Romania and Norway.

The project is conducted for a period of 34 months and includes part of the school population from Cluj, Mures and Salaj counties. The results  of the research will be disseminated especially to teachers that work with Roma children, as well as to students, who attend the courses organized by the Department of Educational Sciences, aiming to develop the awareness regarding the needs and particularities of the groups of Roma students. At the same time, we intend to disseminate the obtained results also within the international scientific community, by participating in the relevant international conferences and by publishing in prestigious international journals.