Rezultatele parţiale ale proiectului au fost (şi vor fi) diseminate prin participări la conferinţe ştiinţifice internaţionale şi prin publicări în reviste relevante de specialitate. Până în acest moment, echipa ştiinţifică a proiectului a participat la următoarele conferinţe şi a publicat articole în următoarele reviste:

Participări la conferinţe internaţionale

Dolean, D.D., Damsa, C. & Tincas, I. (2016, October). The role of socio-economic status and classroom interventions in the development of literacy skills of Roma children in Romania. Paper presented at the international conference Social Inclusion and Equal Opportunities (SIEO 2016), Timisoara, Romania. 

Dolean, D.D. (2016, September). Invited talk. The development of oral language and reading skills of monolingual and bilingual minority children: A comparative analysis. Invited presentation at the annual international “Collaborative Conference on Language, Literature and Linguistics”, Barcelona, Spain.

Dolean, D.D., Tincas, I., Damsa, C., Melby-Lervag, M., & Lervag, A. (2016, July). Development of word decoding skills of Roma children: The impact of contextual factors. In Nag, S. (Chair) Interventions for language and literacy learning for difficult-to-reach children. Symposium conducted at the 23rd annual international convention of Society for Scientific Studies of Reading (SSSR), Porto, Portugal.

Dolean, D.D. (2016, July). Keynote address. Educating children from diverse backgrounds. The impact of socio-economic  status on literacy development. Speech given at the 4th International Conference “Education, Reflection, Development”, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Dolean, D. D. & Damsa, C. (2015, December). Early literacy of Roma children from Romania: Predictors, literacy levels and enhancement strategies (mid-term report). Paper presented at the international conference „Achievements and future steps”, Bucharest, Romania.

Dolean, D.D. (2015, July). Re-assessing the educational needs of Roma children: How does linguistic ability affect their literacy attainement? Paper presented at the 51st International Conference of United Kingdom Literacy Association (UKLA), Nottingham , UK.

Publicaţii în reviste de specialitate

Dolean, D.D., Tincas, I. & Damsa, C. (under review). Enhancing the pre-literacy skills of Roma children: The role of socio-economic status and classroom interventions in the development of phonemic awareness.

Dolean, D.D. & Damsa, C. (under review). An exploration of the enhancing potential of repeated readings of rhyming text.

Dolean, D. D. & Petrus, R. (in press). The effects of choral repeated reading on foreign language reading fluency of words in connected and disconnected text. (Forthcoming in Journal of Didactics).

Dolean, D.D., Lervag, A., Melby-Lervag, A., Tincas, I., Damsa, C. (forthcoming). Explaining poor reading in poor children: Socio-economic background predicts not only initial status but also the growth in reading. (manuscript under preparation.)

Dolean, D.D., Damsa, C. & Tincas, I. (forthcoming). Is summer reading loss of disadvantaged children universal? The case of Roma children reading the consistently orthographic Romanian. (manuscript under preparation)


 *Note: Rezultatele finale vor fi publicate după încheierea proiectului.